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These scandals include:

  • The Morton Hall Baby Ashes Scandal
  • The School Repairs Scandal and the Liberton Tragedy
  • The Tram Debacle 
  • The Statutory Notice Scandal 
  • The Flood defence overspend scandal which cost the taxpayer £30million
  • Planning Scandals allowing building on historic sites at Craighouse and other protected areas
  • Traffic Chaos scandal caused by dogma in the council transportation department

Of most concern is the repeated cover ups of the above scandals. Files on the Tram debacle have gone missing or been shredded. The Council also appear to be putting their heads in the sand about the running costs of the tram and ongoing safety problems with cyclists being injured. The school repairs backlog appears to have been hushed up in the wake of the Liberton Tragedy. It has also been reported that it will be years before any answers will be given on Liberton.

It is a matter of record that numerous files and records have gone missing from Statutory Notice jobs, and the process implemented to resolve the scandal has gone on for years and has cost the taxpayer millions without resolving the complaints.

The Edinburgh Planning department is viewed with suspicion by residents in the city because it is inconsistent, and appears to turn a blind eye to protected areas being attacked by developers. There is no right appeal by residents and communities often feel that the Developers and the Planning department are overly familiar and close.

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